Boone County Library, Hebron Branch 


Hebron, Kentucky


25,550 s.f.



In the early spring of 2017, BCI began working with the library staff and Board of Trustees to bring their vision for a new library facility into reality.  Due to the County’s growth, especially near Hebron, the Board envisioned a library that could better serve the residents of the Hebron area and Boone County as a whole.

This state-of-the-art library boasts a multitude of meeting spaces for groups of different sizes and ages. The design also includes a Maker Space to be outfitted with touch screen monitors, laser cutters, and 3D printers.  The library, located at one of the highest points in Boone County, will also take full advantage of the adjacent views and topography: An outdoor amphitheater and story walk will be nestled within the topography to create a natural, inviting atmosphere for all ages.

This project was designed in conjunction with HBM Architects.