Construction Administration

Construction cost-efficiency derives from careful tracking of project costs; accurate cost estimating is possible only when the Design Team makes thoughtful decisions resulting in a design that can be constructed logically and efficiently.

If these principles are observed and enforced throughout the design process, it becomes much simpler to carry them through construction.  Modifications and substitutions of materials are inevitable to some degree during a construction project; even the best set of construction documents cannot anticipate every situation that arises during a complex project. But starting with a thoroughly integrated and coordinated design is the best route to good value and efficiency.

Good communication among all stakeholders is absolutely essential to success.  The good-faith relationships that drive a successful process are strengthened when all participants are well informed about issues and progress through the job.

In the construction environment, good communication requires more than just talking.  Efficient document control—the tracking of formal submittals, requests for information, field instructions—is an important form of communication.  A key responsibility of BCI during construction is the handling and tracking of such documentation.  Speedy processing of the paperwork of communication means that the schedule is maintained and helps control costs.