Kenton County Jail

Covington, Kentucky

In 2005, BCI was selected by the Kenton County Fiscal Court to provide a Feasibility Study and a Site Selection Report which would examine the demographics of Kenton County, forecast the number of beds and classifications, provide preliminary design, identify construction costs, and examine alternative sites. The study called for a 900-bed facility with 80% of the Center designed utilizing the direct supervision model. Phase I included 600 beds and all support facilities such as offices, food service, and medical and health services. This will allow for Phase II to be completed at a relatively low cost per bed. The project was bid in mid 2009, and the ground was broken immediately thereafter.  While the original budget for construction of Phase I was $42 million, the construction cost for Phase I was $32 million due to the more competitive construction environment in 2009. Turner Construction served as the project Construction Manager and DLR Group was the Associate Architect for design.