Park System Master Plan

These system plans encompass a strong public engagement component to identify the future vision and priorities for a community. The public engagement is augmented with a variety of analyses to identify the key “Gaps” in service delivery. These analyses include demographic analysis, benchmarking to other successful communities, and service area analyses. The Service Areas Analysis maps the walk and drive times to your parks, but also maps the walk and drive times to a variety of specific facility types, such as picnic shelters, trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, ball diamonds, rectangular fields, aquatic facilities, and much more.  These separate analyses are then combined into a Composite Service Area Map which provides a clear view of the gaps in your current system and where facilities are needed. 

The public engagement, benchmarking, and BCI experiences are used to develop Level of Service Guidelines specific for your community to identify the need for facilities now and into the future.

The results of the facilities and program inventory and assessment, public engagement, and various analyses are used by the BCI Team and the Steering Committee to develop a Strategic Plan for the Future of parks and recreation in your community. Once the Vision is developed by the Steering Committee, another round of public engagement is conducted to publicize and verify the Vision.  

This Vision is then applied to develop a series of Strategies in the Action Plan. The Action Plan addresses all aspects of the future of your parks and recreation system and includes the proposed actions, time frame, responsible party, potential funding source, and relation to other community planning documents.