The BCI Team

Since 1979, Brandstetter Carroll Inc. has been proud to be part of so many extraordinary projects throughout the United States. On a daily basis, our clients expect the firm’s professional Architects, Engineers and Planners to utilize their training and creativity in improving the quality of life within their communities through innovative design. We encourage you to join the culture of our firm and to experience the many success stories that have helped our organization evolve from a firm of two friends and business partners to a national Architectural and Engineering firm. 


Nancy K. Nozik, AIA



Elizabeth S. Holser, AIA


Richard T Parker, Architect, Camp Architect, Camp Planner, Camp Designer, Historical Architect, Historica Preservation, Cleveland Architect, National Architect

Richard T. Parker, AIA, LEED AP


Charlie Schneider, Engineer, Aquatics Enginer, Aquatics Design, Pool Engineer, Pool Design, Natatorium Design, Indoor Pool Design

Charlie L. Schneider, P.E., APO, CPO

Division Head, Aquatics Engineer

Timothy Brandstetter, Tim Brandstetter, Traffc Engineer, Traffic Design, Traffic Calming, Transportation Engineer

Timothy G. Brandstetter, P.E., P.T.O.E.

Division Head, Traffic Engineering

Philip Schilffarth, Architect, Designer, Interior Designer, Civic Architectue, Pool Design, Aquatics Design

Philip N. Schilffarth, AIA,


Civic Architect

Larry Brandstetter, Architect, Lawrence Brandstetter

Lawrence W. Brandstetter, AIA


Monica Sumner, Library Designer, Creative Director, Senior Vice President, Architect, Inteior Designer

Monica G. Sumner, RA, CID

Senior Vice President,

Creative Director

Patrick Hoaglad, Pat Hoagland, Recretion, Landscape Architect, Parks Planning, Master Plan, Prinipal

Patrick D. Hoagland, ASLA


Ian Beattie, Construction Administration, Architecture, Design, Constable

Ian C. Beattie, CSI, CCCA, AFO


Eric Chambers, AIA, Publc Safety Architect,Correctios Design, Jail Deign, Fire Station Design, Police Headquarters Design, Interior Designer

Eric M. Chambers, AIA, CDT, CPO,



Joe Dillon, Engineer, Utlities Engieer, Site Development,Civil Engineer, Cincinnati Engineer

Joseph P. Dillon, P.E., LEED AP

Utility Engineer

Bejamin Brandstetter, Engineer, President

Benjamin E. Brandstetter, P.E


Michael Carroll AIA, Architect, Senior Vice Presidet

Michael E. Carroll, AIA

Senior Vice President

Bruce G. Brandstetter, Engineer, Senior Vice President

Bruce G. Brandstetter, P.E.

Senior Vice President