Brandt Pike SSO Elimination

Huber Heights, Ohio


$1.2 million




Brandstetter Carroll Inc. assisted the City of Huber Heights address a long-term Sanitary Sewer Overflow issue in conjunction with their new outdoor Aquatic Facility. The new pool created an environment which essentially triggered the need to solve this SSO; otherwise, it would have been delayed for many more years. Brandstetter Carroll Inc. evaluated multiple options with respect to solving the problem and reviewed these with the City and gained concurrence on the preferred alternative with the Ohio EPA. Each of the alternatives took into account a projection of future sanitary flows for the undeveloped land within the drainage area along with a projection of stormwater I/I into the existing system. The cost comparison included an option of solving the I/I problem, but sewer lining and other improvements completed within the existing collective system did not cost effectively address the problem.

After selection of the preferred alternative, the firm completed the construction documents for the solution which included 2,500 l.f. of new gravity sanitary sewer, a new lift station and the installation of 2,000 l.f. of new 16” diameter force main. Each pump is submersible with variable speed 150 hp pumps. The new force main ties into the existing force main and travels for a distance of more than 7,000 l.f.