Dawson Road

Madeira, Ohio




3,500 SQ FT


BCI worked with the City of Madeira to complete the design of the Dawson Road improvements from Kenwood Road to Miami Avenue (3,500 l.f.) in 2013 and early 2014.  The construction of the improvements began in late 2014 and were completed in 2015. The overall project scope included new pavement section, new curb on the north side of the road and a lug curb and sidewalk on the south side of the road. Storm sewer improvements also were completed to compliment the new curb and provide positive drainage within the project area. A portion of the waterline also was replaced to accommodate the new road profile.

The extensive nature of the storm sewer work greatly impacted the roadway surface and the project team saw this as an opportunity to also discuss the condition of the existing water main with the local utility agencies. The limits of this project stretched across two different service areas, so BCI completed the design of the watermain replacement for each agency as a means of improving the coordination amongst the various parties. The bidding was broken out such each agency could see their responsibility for the construction work completed.

The roadway typical section utilized on this project was a full depth pavement section. This decision was reached after a careful analysis of the budget and an understanding of the impact that the utility work would have on the existing roadway. A comparative cost analysis was completed to review a mill and overlay option versus the full depth replacement scenario. After discussion with a Committee of Council and the City Manager, it was agreed the additional incremental cost provided value to the City and the option was selected for construction.