Goldcoast Drive Industrial Subdivision Improvements

Sycamore Township, Ohio






Brandstetter Carroll Inc. worked with Sycamore Township, Ohio, to submit a successful OPWC application and design for the reconstruction of the Goldcoast Industrial Subdivision. This development originally was constructed in the 1980s using a concrete surface on a soil base. The businesses in this subdivision employ more than 3,000 people. This type of pavement section was not conducive to long-term use by heavy tractor trailers that frequent this area. As a result, the pavement had deteriorated to the point where a complete reconstruction was necessary to provide a long-term pavement solution.

Brandstetter Carroll Inc. designed a pavement section that will have the strength to accommodate the truck traffic for the design lifetime of the pavement. In addition to that, the rolled curbs used at the outset of the development have been replaced with vertical curb and dedicated curb cuts. Given the land use adjacent to these roads, maintaining traffic throughout the development was critical to the long-term success of the project. Brandstetter Carroll Inc. held multiple public meetings with property owners to determine their requirements and keep them abreast of the project. Their input was important to design a maintenance of traffic plan which allowed the project to be constructed and still maintain the economic viability of the road for the users.